It’s time to submit your progress reports! πŸ“

Good evening, TheyCanTalk Research participants!

To those who’ve submitted the latest progress report: thank you!Β 

If that’s not you, please keep reading... πŸ™‚

In this first phase of the study, our research is going to be based almost entirely on collected progress reports. This means that the How.TheyCanTalk Research project cannot be successful unless the vast majority of our participants... well... participate!Β 

This Friday afternoon, the research team will be meeting to discuss progress, and we’d love to see your contribution counted by then.Β 

Additionally, participants who’ve submitted at least two reports will be invited to join a private, interim research progress Zoom call on Sunday, March 14th. There we’ll have the entire research team, and we’ll be able to provide attendees with a preliminary review of the data. We’ll also be including some time for a Q+A session.

To participate in the Sunday, March 14th call, you’ll need to have completed:
  1. The Button Annotation task
  2. Your February 6 to February 19 Progress Report (live now)
  3. Your February 20 to March 5 Progress Report (will go live on the morning of March 6th)

A lot of you have reached out to me over the past few days with some really great questions, and I’m doing my best to respond to each and every one of you as quickly as possible. I'm also working on an FAQ that I'll post here shortly.

I unfortunately got held up by some technical issues this past weekend so not everyone got a progress report reminder email in a timely manner, and I apologize for that. Going forward, I plan to use this Announcements space to send out the progress report reminders, since it's a bit more reliable, so I encourage you to make sure you have email notifications turned on for at least this space.Β 

Thank you everyone for your patience, enthusiasm, and engagement. We look forward to reviewing your learners' progress! πŸ€—

Kellie, Leo, Federico and Jack
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