Next Participant Meeting on April 25th!

Hello participants!

We have some fun things happening and lots more info to share with you since our last TheyCanTalk Research participant call, so we're planning another one for Sunday, April 25th at 3pm ET. πŸ˜€

The meeting agenda will include:

  • Research team introductions
  • High-level findings from your button annotator and progress report submissions
  • Update on our new activity logging app
  • Showcase & analyze a subset of your "That's Interesting" submissions*
  • Open Q&A session

*If you missed the last meeting and want to learn more about the "That's Interesting" initiative introduced on that call, you can read about it here:Β 

We look forward to seeing your submissions and meeting with you all on the 25th!Β 
Kellie, Leo, Federico & Jack
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πŸ“£ Q&A with Alexis & Bunny | Wednesday, December 9th

Heather replied
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πŸ“£ Q&A with Dr. Federico Rossano | Wednesday, November 18th

Kellie replied
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Questions about research tools and logging details? AMA!

Heather, replied
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iOS Beta App for (FORUM ONLY)

Lilu replied
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Share your best practices and critical tips for teaching words!

Isa replied
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Announcing the new TheyCanTalk Research Participant Directory!

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It’s time to submit your progress reports! πŸ“

Lana replied
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What you can expect in Phase 1 of TheyCanTalk Research

Laura replied
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Our approach to research at TheyCanTalk.Org

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Remember to submit your progress reports for Feb 20–Mar 5! πŸ“

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πŸ“£ Call for Learner Videos From Cat & Horse Owners!

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How.TheyCanTalk meeting follow-up: be on the lookout for "Interesting" behaviors!

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Live Q&A with FluentPet's Leo Trottier starting in 30 minutes!

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πŸ“£ Q&A with Leo Trottier | Monday, December 28th on YouTube

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New Progress Report Questions

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TheyCanTalk Research Calendar Reminders

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Links for TheyCanTalk Research Participants

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