Hi, I was wondering if there are people here whose dogs don't play with toys? And what you used instead of play buttons?Β 

My "problem" is that my dog Yuna is not interested in toys at all (I tried so many things but nothing got her interested) unless it involves food. She loves retrieving a fur dummy or a dummy filled with food and loves doing tricks that I will reward with food afterwards πŸ˜… I had a button that said Treat but it was for anything food related. She only used that button even when I modeled other words/things she likes (cuddles for example) for weeks. So I am kinda starting with Outside again but was wondering if there are dogs that aren't play motivated as well 😊
What if you replace the "play" button with a "tricks" or "training" button? Learners tend to be more likely to press buttons for things they really enjoy doing, so if she doesn't like toys or play for the sake of play, it might be easier to motivate her to press for one of the more motivating activities.
Yeah, that could work. Instead of toy names I could use the different names for our training sessions πŸ€” thank you!Β 
Alina & Yuna Β I have a "game" button and a "play" button for Bertie. He does like to play but it's not a word I've used much and in the first it's not very formal. "Game" on the other hand means some kind of structured training game. He's muuuch more excited for that button then the "play" button.Β 
Daphne doesn't play with toys either. Her entertainment is sniffing games that I have to set up for her which always involves small bits of her favourite treats. She loves to practice tricks (sit, lie down, left paw, right paw, stand up), again because she gets small bits of her favourite treats. I recorded a button with "words" because I say "use your words" when referring to the buttons. I've only recently incorporated pressing the "words" button into our practice sessions. I've only used it in one session so far so she hasn't caught on yet. I could record "game" or "practice" because those are motivating activities like Kellie suggested, but I can only do those things on my own time so I was thinking I don't want her asking for that. I may end up going that route though. We are both still figuring it out :)
Yeah same! It's a little tricky if your dog is kinda "differently abled" (problematic word I know but couldn't find other more fitting vocab) πŸ˜… but I joined especially because it seemed challenging and so far I love what I could observe. I think I may introduce a training or tricks button too. Thank you for the answer!
Alina & Yuna Β I usually use "special needs" but there's no need to be politically correct with a dog. She's not offended :)
I learned recently the UAE (and probably other countries) call those with special needs "the determined ones". I would use that except I think it's too foreign for North Americans and nobody would know what I was talking about.
Does she like brain games like puzzles or a snuffle-mat that involve finding treats?Β  If she does you can incorporate play with puzzle or snuffle-mat.
Yeah, those too! I completely forgot πŸ™ˆ anything that involves food is interesting to her. She never gets her food in a bowl (unless I'm too ill to do tricks or the like) because she eats way too fast. Thank you <3
My Finnish Spitz, Espeon is 7 and a half and doesn't like toys or playing with dogs. She doesn't mind other dogs playing and is completely dog friendly, just has no interest in playing with anything except human hands lol.
My dog doesn’t like to play with toys.Β  She likes practice her agility.Β  I’ve always called it β€œrun.” Β  So, we don’t have a play, we have a run. Β 

Maybe have a tricks button?
My dog kaia doesn't care too much for toys either, but she loves her belly scratched, and loves to lay on me.Β  You can always replace "play" with the reward of loves!
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Sophie, Australian Shepherd
Sophie doesn’t play either. She loved squeaky toys when she was younger (she is almost five now) but doesn’t seem to care for toys now. We did add a play button because I thought I would just follow the directions etc. Β She has never hit it of her own accord so I was thinking maybe renaming it?Β 
Yeah, play is one of the first recommended buttons because it’s really motivating for most dogs. Go for something else that’s motivating for your dog. We used Game, which means training activities. I know there’s a dog here who does agility and has a button for Run because that’s what she’s most excited about.

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