Hi! I'm a student at UC Davis and a first time pet parent. I'm trying to give my Charmander the best life and give him some words to use since he is very vocal.

Cat BITES button

My Charmander knows that pressing the button down and getting the word "FOOD" to come out is associated with me giving him food and he consistently presses it around his meal times to get me to give him food. Unfortunately, he presses it by BITING on them and I've tried sticking the button down so it doesn't move but he still insists on biting them and I'm worried his teeth will get damaged if this continues.Β 

He's very excited by food which is why he picked up button pressing so quickly (in just about a month) but I'm wondering if his excitement by food could be related to him always wanting to bite things out of habit. He lived on the streets once so it could be the reason why he's still constantly looking for food, even if it's right after I give him a big meal. He will also bite through plastic boxes (like those boxes of cookies from Safeway) to get whatever food is inside.

I have only introduced the "FOOD" button which is a Learning Resources button and am holding off on giving him other buttons until he presses it with his paws to prevent further damage if there is any from him biting the button.