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Touching button but not pressing

I’ve been modelling the buttons for a while for my cat and so far nothing. But although she won’t do tricks for cat treats, turns out she will do anything for shrimps!
So today we worked with the post it method, she got it super fast and we got to the point where she will touch her button to get the reward.
However she is a small cat and the buttons will not activate with a gentle touch, they need to be pressed downΒ  firmly. As it’s day 1 I took the button touch as win but what should I do to correct this later on? (Should I get the expensive buttons? 😬)
Attached video of her with her button belowΒ 
8.56 MB

Other Targeting methods? CAT

Hi, could you please give me other paw targeting methods to try besides the sticky note one? Trying to teach my cat but she isnt particulary food oriented and she also doesnt seem to try and "paw" at hidden food but go around the obstacle with her nose/tongue.
With the word "play" and her kitty wand she seemed way more interested in the button (or maybe just surprised theres two of them? lol) but she was definitely paying more attention when I pressed it. I feel she might get the relation between me pressing the button and playtime easily but Im not sure she will try to press the button herself just by watching me doing it.