Ben, Arthur, and Thomas

Proud Cat Dad
Hey everyone! My wife and I live with our two beautiful feline furbabies, Arthur (12) and Thomas (5). We have yet to begin working with buttons, but a set has been pre-ordered from FluentPet and we are so excited to start!

Introduction and a question

Hello everyone! I just wanted to pop in and introduce myself and my two learners, Arthur and Thomas. The FluentPet buttons are currently sold out, but I've pre-ordered a set for the upcoming restock. I'm so excited to get them started!

Right now, my wife and I are working on making sure our vocabulary is consistent so they begin associating when we say certain words with certain actions from the beginning. They're both very smart and already have some word associations, but we are trying to build the vocabulary a little before the buttons come in.

I have a question for anyone who is teaching buttons to more than one cat at a time. My plan was to begin with one button ("pets," their favorite thing) for both of them. Would it be better to stick to that plan or to try teaching a different button to each of them separately (i.e. Arthur would learn his favorite toy and Thomas would learn his favorite toy)?

I have a feeling teaching them both the same buttons together will wind up being the better of the options, but I would love some input.

Thanks everyone! Sorry this got so long! 😬
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