Chell & Naya

Adopted by a feral dog
Im an IT specialist, yoga teacher and mom to a very smart feral dog. She adopted me 2 years ago and she is amazing.

Digital Soundboard planning template

I already saw some awesome posts with a planner template out here, but I'm a nerd girl so I wanted a digital one πŸ™‚
There is a powerpoint template and a PDF template.
If you don't know how to use powerpoint or don't have powerpoint, you can print out the PDF and draw on it or you can use the adobe sign and annotate option to fill in the fields.

If you have the need for another format or suggestions, let me know πŸ™‚ο»Ώ
Soundboard template.pptx
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Teaching a feral: Added new button "play" and its a huge hit :)

So my feral girl Naya got her first button last week and it was "treat".
She is notΒ  food oriented at all, but its a word she knows well. I posted about her finding the button highly suspect and that she does press it but then jumps away.
Her feral instincts are very much always there and new items in the house have to be there for a few weeks before she detemines she does not have to be weary of them.

I had a suspicion she presses the button to make me happy and because she likes the attention. he is not that interested in the treat as she would often take it and spit it out. This is probably also why she does not use the button by herself. She is just more interested in the attention and the scritches.

So I added a "play" button 2 days ago, because this is something she actively asks me all day long by booping me or staring and whiningΒ  at me and its a huge hit! The play button basically made her forget all her suspicions and she pounding away at it as we speak.πŸ˜‚

What I got from this is that ferals seem to have a different view of the world (and the buttons). They are always alert and first make sure everything is safe before they make an effort to work with you.

Like, she ignores me when i ask something of her if we are at a strange place, because she first needs to make sure everything is safe for the both of us. She will stop worrying sooner if I play with her though.

I wanted to say more, but she banging the play button, so gotta go πŸ˜›

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Teaching a feral her first word

We got our buttons 4 days ago and we started with a "treat" button.
I know its not recommended, but Naya is not food oriented at all. In fact I have to make sure she does not lose too much weight.

Because of her hightened instinct, anything new is suspicious in the extreme. She enjoys the attention I give here while teaching her andΒ  she understood the correleation between the button and the treat within a day, but the button remains suspect.
It seems that to her its just impossible that my voice is coming from 2 places at once, and one of them is a strange smelling button.

She understands that touching the button makes me happy and she gets scritches and treats, but because she is supicious she will only lightly paw it and then jump away again.

Im used to her being suspicious of things for a long time and know she will eventually see te button as a non-threat, but it will probably take a few weeks.

Not really a question her, but just wanted to share my story on teaching a feral dog. πŸ™‚
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I added the Feral "breed", because in my experience teaching ferals is a little different. They respond quickly to things that match their hightened instincts but are also fairly quickly disttracted because of those instincts.
It also seems to take longer for them to trust new things and hold on to their fears longer than non-feral dogs.
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