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Which buttons to get/transitioning buttons?

Hi friends! I am kind of stuck here and looking for advice. I have a super intelligent and sweet mutt pup (Bruno, 3 y/o, mix of border collie/Aussie/cattle dog/Staffy/mastiff) that I have been excited to teach how to talk. He isn’t a puppy anymore, but is eager to work and learns quickly. I bought him some FluentPet buttons in mid April as this was the brand I saw a lot of accounts on IG using. I know that they are high quality and designed for this function. However, it’s been almost 2 months since I ordered them, they are already 2 weeks past their anticipated arrival (I have since moved to another state so have a friend waiting to grab this package for me), and FluentPet support told me that shipping is backed up up to 6+ weeks. I understand this is out of their control and I’m not upset, but I do want to start training and I worry that Bruno will need new buttons faster than I can get them shipped in. For this reason, I am considering returning the FluentPet buttons whenever they come in and instead using another brand of buttons that I know I could quickly receive when Bruno needs more. He’s about 65 lbs so I’m not worried about the buttons being a bit larger. I just wonder if the quality of FluentPet buttons are worth the wait, or if I could potentially start with another type of buttons and eventually switch over to FluentPet buttons if that would be too difficult? If you were in my shoes, what would you do? We’re just so eager to begin training! Thanks!