Jody McN thank you! I thought I'm doing something wrong. Excited to see what your pet does. <3

Augie and Nikki That's amazing! I know Bella and Bingo are smart dogs but I'm just not consistent in training them. I'm making a commitment from tomorrow onwards to focus in training them. I'll also try doing target training and go from there. Wish me luck! :-)

Augie and Nikki Β Thank you for getting back at me. I had my buttons and pads for nearly two months now but my dogs (Bingo and Bella) wouldn't use them. I think I have to try harder and really focus on teaching both of them. Bella the youngest would often play and press it but it's not because of what comes out of the buttons but I know she thinks it's one of her toys.
Augie and Nikki how long did it take Augie before he was able to press the buttons independently?Β