Courtney Sturgill

Hi! I'm a mid-30s high school choir teacher with my very first doggo, Fozzie, a standard poodle. The husband and I love being outdoors in any way. Adventurers.

Puppy trying to chew board

Hello! My 6 month standard poodle is GREAT at hitting the buttons during our training sessions. Right now I have Outside, Play, and Water. After he got really good during our training sessions, I didn't want to leave the buttons on the floor for fear of him chewing them up, so I put them in the board near where they are supposed to be (outside near the door, water is in the kitchen, etc.) but he tries to chew the board too and seemed confused by the board's existence.Β 

Is it ok for me to just put the buttons in front of him whenever I see a need for them and then put them away again? Maybe when he's older I'll put them back on the floor? Is that how this works?Β