Coline & The Mums

French girl, Jordanian cat, living in Sweden
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The Mums was a stray kitten in Jordan. I welcomed him to my home and since then he follows me everywhere I go. We travel a lot together.

Introduction and question about hard to press buttons

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We are new here, so let me introduce ourselves: I am Coline and my learner is The Mums, a 2 year old cat that I rescued in Jordan when I was living there. We've now moved to Sweden together.
He's slowly learning how to press the buttons. I have to say, he understands much faster the meaning / action linked to the button than how to press them. They're a bit hard to press and he often doesn't push strong enough. I have the Learning Ressources buttons.
Any tips on how to help him with that? Can I somehow tweak them to make them easier to press? Or maybe the fluent pet buttons are easier?Β 
Thanks for the help in advance!

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