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1st Button, Day 2 - Surprising amount of engagement

...And by cats, no less. Decided to use "bedtime" as the first button as they already are familiar with the word and they are (for some reason) really keen on bedtime. I've been using it not just at actual bed time, but to demonstrate any time I'm going to get onto my bed for cuddles since that seems to be the main motivator. My B&W cat will sometimes wander into my bedroom during the day and yowl; I suspect she wants "bedtime cuddles", so I've started pressing the button when she does that and then lying down -- so far, she's run up onto the bed with me every time, so I think I'm guessing her desires correctly.Β 

She gets REALLY excited about the button. If I walk into the bedroom and model it, she'll stop her yowling and run over and stare at it. By the time I've modeled it 2-3 times, my other cat also runs in from wherever she is in the house and they both stare at me, following my movements to the button and sniffing it when the sound comes out.

Pretty sure it's just a novelty to them at this point, but more encouraging than having them completely ignore it from the get go (they are cats, after all).Β 
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