Mugicha the cat
I live in Tokyo with my cat Mugicha and we're using the FluentPet buttons to learn Japanese! we like to travel and take pictures, and Mugi's favorite word is asobu (play)!

Intro and question about pressing when prompted

My name is Pacia, and this is Mugicha! We live in Tokyo, and have modified the FP soundboard to use with Japanese. She's almost 1year old, and we've been using the FP buttons for about 4 months. We have an Instagram account if you're interested in following her!
ο»ΏShe's gotten pretty good at pressing the buttons when she wants something (especially to play lol) but she doesn't press the buttons when I'm trying to ask her something, just when she wants (to say) something. I've noticed other learners like Bunny the dog or Billi the cat have some sort of "Hmm???" button, and added it recently, but I'm not really sure how to go about modeling that I'm trying to prompt her to give me information, so it mostly goes unused or she presses it randomly sometimes out of curiosity, not understanding. I've been pressing it with what she said to phrase it as a question, but it hasn't gotten us very far, maybe I should just be more patient/consistent?

Has anyone had success with introducing the "hmm??" button with their learner?
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