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Question about hardtop hextiles

We have two identical soundboards and one is located in the utility room where we have a doggie door. This means that board gets stepped on with less than perfectly clean paws sometimes and the FP foam hextiles are showing it. It's 2 tiles in particular: actions & objects. Can I get an opinion as to whether the hardtop tiles might stay cleaner in this situation? Is the top layer cardboard?

Also, in the top picture of Bunny's board on the main page of the FP site there seems to be a big difference in color of the descriptors tiles which I think might be because 2 are the hardtop version. I know the foam tiles are supposed to be brighter, but is the color difference that extreme? Obviously, the color difference isn't an issue for Bunny! πŸ˜€

modeling question

Β I created an Ouch button a few days ago when an opportunity presented itself with my second learner, as teaching this concept is one of my main objectives. My primary learner was not around at the time and this is not a word I've used with my learners before.

My primary learner likes to try out new buttons to see what they mean. For other new buttons, like Ear Rubs, I've been able to model the meaning when he does this. I have not had an opportunity to model the Ouch button for him and I'm unsure how to respond when he is trying to determine what the button means. Does anyone have any suggestions on this?

Β Β 

When Play = Food?

A little background: My primary learner, Milou, doesn’t play much, but we added the word Play to our sound board for our other learner. It’s not a word we had previously used much with our learners. We do not have a button for food/eat/hungry. We do have a button for tricks/training that they understand, but aren’t yet using on their own. Both of our learners are very food motivated.Β 

The issue: I can now definitively say that Milou is using the Play button to mean food/eat/hungry. We do continue to model the correct meaning of Play when he presses that button. However he seems convinced that if HE just keeps modeling for US, we will eventually catch on to the meaning he has assigned to that button. And he seems very determined to get us trained properly.Β 

My question: does the fact that Milou has made a substitute word Β for Food cancel out the reasoning for not introducing a Food button too early?

A side note: Milou is using the Outside button to mean both outside and β€œthe other side of the doggie gate”. Β  He’s also using All Done in a way that means β€œnext!” or β€œI’m all done waiting, let’s hurry up and do the thing we normally do about now”. I guess maybe he just needs more buttons!
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