Space Memorization for Parrots

Spaced repetition with dogs?

Hi all!

1. Does any have heard about a lab testing spaced repetition (a memory technique used by software such as Duo Lingo and Super Memo, based on models for human memory from the 70s) on dogs (rather than human)?Β 

I remember reading about it, but now I can't duckduckgo any reference about it, and I am starting to wonder if I misunderstood it (I did not know as much about spaced repetition then).

2. Should I start a project (with some of the ACI people from the discord server I mentioned earlier) to develop some tablet/smartphone project to help schedule training sessions according to spaced repetition memory models, would any of you be interested in testing it with the dogs (or other non human animals) with whom they live? Β 

A motivation to do so, would be to minimize the acquisition time of any knowledge, but in my experience, it also raised the MOTIVATION of the learner (a monk parakeet in this case), excited about new tricks and old ones he did not see for a long time, and much less with one that he did not master yet but saw recently. I bet that such result would generalize as well. Β 

3. Is there any resource online with "training plans", starting with the first approximation and continuing with the refinement phases? (e.g. steps to teach how to fetch, to teach how to use a talking button, etc.).

Another project of a student of mine is "Easy Plan", allowing people to evaluate, share, clone and edit course plans (sequence of pedagogical material). He developed it aiming for (Chilean) High School instructors and hoping to make it easier for them to prepare their classes, but I think it would be helpful to share (and evaluate, clone and edit) sequence of training steps for any given objective (e.g. teaching a parrot to use a touch screen).

I am very happy I joined the ACI discord, I found very friendly scientists there, open to collaborations, and even one particular who works with parrots as I do (a cockatoo), was more advanced than I in her research about their interaction with touch interface (I am catching up), and less in training scheduling (she is catching up). They say that members of the "they can talk" community are welcome to join too. Here is the link if you need again: (https://discord.gg/AnTxdNeXuC)Β 

Have a good week all! Take care!

Animal Computer Interaction (ACI)?

Hi all.

- Did anyone here publish or collaborated with people doing research in "Animal Computer Interaction (ACI)"?

ACI is defined at https://law.unimelb.edu.au/centres/caide/news,-media-and-events/caide-community-blog/what-is-animal-computer-interaction as "Creating technology for non-human animals".

I joined both communities ("They Can Talk" and ACI) in the last two months because of my own interests (using computer to schedule training sessions according to Spaced Repetition Schemes, including speech training). I saw some common interest themes between both (speaker button ARE technology), but no visible interaction so far (which is fine by me, someone has to be the first one!).

The ACI community posted this morning (on discord and Twitter) that they "really want to focus on this year is growing our community to reach more diverse voices": I thought that this might interest some people here (even though I am not a "long timer" of neither communities).

Be safe!

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