Oscar's first word

We had our first word today - very excited!
We first tried buttons a couple of months ago, back in fall, but they were big, and the battery in them died in about a week, so that didn't go anywhere. Still, without them I would always announce "food" at the meal time.

This week, fluent pet button has arrived. I pressed it repeatedly while Oscar was eating for a couple of days.

Today, she was feeling very hungry. It was still two hours early. I try not to encourage her in the mornings and try to wait until the alarm, because it creates a slippery slope of waking up even earlier, and, oops, after a while she decides that 5 am or 4 am is a perfect time to eat breakfast... But she was hungry, and she had a new way to communicate. After incessant meowing did nothing to provoke a reaction from me, she sought out a button and pressed it, and that instantly got her desired response from me. I believe we will need a "later" button sooner rather than later ^^
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