Besides speaking to your dog often, and modeling button use when it's appropriate, how much (if any) time do you spend training your learners each day to use their buttons, and what does it look like?Β  Target training?Β  Opening and closing the door to teach about the outside button?

Lazy Pusher? Moved too quickly?

Hey all!Β  I've been doing targeting training with my learner, so I know he can push the button enough to activate, but when it comes to using his buttons to "talk" he just paws at them.Β  I'm not sure at what point I should ignore the button pawing until he makes it talk? Β  I'm also wondering if maybe I moved too quickly - he seemed to have the idea of the outside button (even if he wasn't pressing it fully) so I added "scritches" which at the very least he knew meant "mom will pay attention to me."Β  I added "play" and :all done" but have pulled up "play" since he's only pawing at the button which means I can't hear what he's asking for.Β  With only the "scritches" button on his board I can reinforce what that button means.Β  I guess I'm wondering if I moved too quickly and should we just go back to the outside button - he is back to scratching at the door more than using the button.Β  Any feedback or ideas for any part of this ramble much appreciated!

Not Making Button "Talk"

Hey all!Β  I'm worried I may have moved too learner got the idea of the outside button, although he never completely pressed it.Β  I assumed it was just an issue with the Learning Resource buttons because he's a smaller guy, so I would follow through with outside and scritches when he pawed at those buttons.Β  But, we now have the learning resource buttons and he is only pawing at those as well.Β  I'm working on refining the targeting training so that we get a full press.Β  In the meantime...should I pull up all but the outside button?Β  Should I ignore button paws and only respond if he presses enough to make a sound?Β  Any feedback much appreciated.Β  Thanks!
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Stopped Using Buttons

Hey all!Β  My learner, an 11 month old Chinese Crested named Queso previously used his outside button (intermittently with scratching at the door) and his scritches button.Β  He doesn't use them anymore.Β  I've introduced a play button hoping that would motivate him, but no, he's not interested.Β  Any ideas on how I can re-engage him?Β  Thanks!
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