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My husband and I live on a small farm with our four dogs (3 Labradors and a St. Bernard-Great Pyrenees mix), cat, and three horses. Harper is our learner!

Harper (Cam) Word Inventory

Learner: HarperΒ 
Age: 1 year (DOB 9-27-2019)
Breed: Labrador
Teacher: Cam
Number of Words: 21

Social Tile:
Β  Bye

Name Tile:
Β  Harper (Labrador - Learner)
Β  Apollo (St. Bernard)
Β  Scout (Labrador - mother)
Β  Jem (Labrador - uncle)
Β  Cam (Teacher)
Β  Mark (Teacher)

Verb Tile:
Β  Want

Direct Object/Activity Tile:
Β  Play
Β  Water
Β  Walk
Β  Eat

(Floating button - not sure where to put it when I transition it!):
Β  Ball

Places Tile:
Β  Outside
Β  Inside
Β  Bedtime

Descriptor Tile:
Β  Yes
Β  No
Β  Now
Β  All Done
Β  Later
Β Β 

Lost in translation

So, Harper understands her basic buttons (outside, inside, walk, eat, play, ball, Cam (my name), Mark (husband), bedtime, Harper (self), Jem, Apollo, and Scout (our other dogs). But I am having trouble with a few things. Sometimes, I KNOW she wants dinner, but she pushes "outside" instead. Then when I go to let her out (bc that's what she said, so reinforcing the word she used), she will stand there and not budge (and we all know why!). This behavior can/will be repeated for a LONG time before she decides to switch it up and push the "eat" button. So how do I get her to be more consistent?

Also, and more frustrating to me, is the use of the word "want." I model the buttons "Harper" "want" "walk" (or outside, eat, or whatever), but she will only sometimes use "want," and usually just shortcuts it to the button she really is interested in. How do I convey more meaning/use of the word "want" for her? I'd like her to say things like "want" "Jem" "outside" when she wants a friend to go with her, or in other situations, be able to use "want."
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Harper Lee and I are in southwest Ohio!