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Hey guys! I'm a business manager in a superfood company. I love traveling to new places, puzzles, spending a lot of time with my pets and teaching them new things.

Has anyone transitioned to FluentPet Hextiles all at once?

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Muffin has a board with 20 buttons now, but we just received the FluentPet kit and we want to make the transition. I was reading that they recommend to minimize the learner's confusion by switching gradually over a few days or more. However, I believe that moving all at once to the new board could work better because Muffin is very curious and she tries to explore new things and it looks like she may enjoy doing it like this. Also, because I'd be able to use a second board with the FluentPet, so she can see both and maybe make the connection.Β 

I've been thinking if anyone has done the transition all at once and if so I'd like to know how was it.

I'm a little bit afraid to make it all at once because maybe she could have some trouble with the size and precision when she presses them. I'm posting you a picture of our current board.Β 

Thanks in advance, Β 
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