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How best to change to new buttons

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Hi all, I have been working with LR buttons for β€˜Play’ and β€˜Go out’ for a couple of months before finding this community and ordering a set of FP buttons. So excited to start learning more and getting organised for success when my starter pack arrives. Β 

Indie is now 11 months and uses both button regularly which are placed by the door and in the front room where she likes to play in the evening. Once I get the FP starter pack I want to introduce an β€˜All done’ button and have all the buttons together in a central place. What’s the best way to transition to the new buttons without confusing Indie? Should I remove the large ones and start modelling the new ( like starting over) or is there another way.

Appreciate any advice so want to learn how best to teach Indie ( although she often teaches me more 😁)

Thanks all
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